Sponsoring Body--MCS Foundation
MCS Foundation is the School Sponsoring Body of the two schools:

Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section) and
Maryknoll Convent School (Primary Section).

MCS Foundation Councillors 2017/2018

Ms Barbara Hung (Chairperson)
Ms Doris Kwan (Vice-Chairperson)
Ms Maggie Chau (Vice-Chairperson and Convenor Of Membership Committee)
Ms Miranda Poon (Honorary Secretary)
Ms Isabelle Young (Honorary Treasurer and Council Representative at MCS Educational Trust)
Sr Marilu Limgenco (Ex-officio, Maryknoll Representative)
Mrs Helen Yu   (Ex-Officio,  Supervisor of Primary Section)
Dr Maria Lee (Ex-Officio,  Supervisor of Secondary Section)
Dr Antoinette Lee (Councillor)
Ms Bonnie Chan (Councillor)  
Ms Christina Chan (Councillor)
Ms Irene Li (Council Representative at MCS Educational Trust)
Ms Maura Wong (Councillor)
Ms Ophelia Ngan (Councillor)
Ms Pinny Yip (Convenor Of Communications Committee)  

Honorary Advisors

Sr Jeanne Houlihan
Mrs Lydia Huang

Official Web Site

To learn more about MCS Foundation, please click the link below.
Official Website: http://foundation.mcs.hk