External Scholarships, Awards and Prizes
External Scholarships and Awards, prizes 2017-2018 (Summary)

External Scholarships

External Prizes(Sports)

External Prizes(Performance)

External Prizes(Others)

Volunteer Service from Social Welfare Department

External Scholarships

HKU Academy for the Talented-Academic Scholarship
Christy Choy (5E), Nicole Lau (4D), Cari Tsang (5D), Athena Lee (4D)

External Prizes

Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2017-2018 Term 2 Kowloon Senior Division 1 Enhanced Format

ICE 200 “Shaping Our Future City” Campaign

2017/18 Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award

2017-18 China Secondary Schools Essay Writing Competition (Hong Kong Region)
Gold Award: Rainbow Pun (3B)

JSMA competition of Symphony Orchestra
Our School Orchestra won Gold Award

Hong Kong Community Volunteers
Certificate of Appreciation: 11682 service hours

The New York Times Asia Pacific Writing Competition 2017
Our students' outstanding works have been shortlisted by The New York Times journalists into the final 50 over 300 entries. Their works are now published on print and online.
Evelyn Chui (3A), Tiffany Yeung (3C), Joanne Lin (4D), Priscilla Tang (4D)

Oxford Junior Secondary English Video Competition – Hong Kong through My Eyes
Grand Prize and Best Copywriting Award: Megan Tse (2E), Chloe Ching (2B), Suzanne Lam (2B), Natalie Ng (2B)

2017 Short Story Competition for Young Writers
Second Runner-up: Megan Tse (2E)

2017/18 Hong Kong Budding Poet Award
Silver Award: Naomi Kwan (3E), Pauline Wong (5B)
Bronze Award: Christy Chan (2A), Amanda Suen (3B)
Honourable Mention: Christie Lam (4A), Anice Lui (4B), Melany Henot (5E)
The Poet of the School Award: Pauline Wong (5B)

HKCC Business Excellence Contest 17/18
Silver Award: Emily Ko, Tiffany Kwok, Lorraine Lau, Vanessa Leung, Natalie Sham (5D)

54th Schools Dance Festival
Honours Award (Chinese Dance)

70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival
MCS Chinese Orchestra won 1st runner-up

Dancing Performance in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Karie Siu (5B)

Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Attainment Badge
Beatrice Lau (6E), Leticia Liao (4D)

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes 2017/18
Christy Choy (6E), Queenie Tsang (6E)

Friends of the Earth Used Clothes Recycling Program
Improvement Award

Amount of Used Clothes Collected in 2017: 140 kg
Clean & Green Recycling Award

Tote Bag Design Competition
Merit: Chloe Tang (4E)

The 3rd Student Biennial Conference organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
Hong Kong Budding Poets Award:
Charmaine Yu (6C), Melany Henot (5E), Christie Lam (4A), and Anice Lui (4B)

Their poems are displayed in the school foyer from 25 to 30 January 2018

Secondary School and Tertiary Institution Taekwondo Competition 2018
Colour Belt Division (Women) 2nd Runner-up
Serena Yip (4D)

2017 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows
MCS Chinese Orchestra won Silver Award

2017 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows
MCS School Orchestra won Bronze Award

The 3rd Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education Student Biennial Conference
HK Budding Poets Award: Anice Lui (4B), Christie Lam (4A), Charmaine Yu (6C)

2017 BASF Kids’ Lab Experiment Challenge
2nd Runner-up: Natalie Kwok (5C), Jasmine Cheung (5E)

Outstanding Student Award (Kowloon)
Cari Tsang (6D)

Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Attainment Badge
Ita Lee (6A)