Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

This year we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of our school. While remembering the past 90 years, we are at the same time looking forward to a bright future and in ten years’ time, we will be celebrating our centenary. On the banners posted outside the school buildings, we are reminded to “Go confidently and humbly. The Lord is with you.”

We should no doubt be confident. With much hard work on the part of both teachers and students, our students have done consistently well in the past three years of the HKDSE Examinations. Such information can be found on our school webpage.

While we take much pride in our academic achievements, we take even more pride in the fact that we have not neglected the all-round development of our students. Our students have done well in a wide range of areas, being acknowledged for their leadership skills, language abilities, talent in sports and the performing arts, including drama, music and dance, and above all, their spirit of service.

While we remain confident, we should also be humble enough to realize that without God’s blessings, we could not have come this far. “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit! The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them!”

When we celebrate our achievements, we will not forget that the grades, scores, certificates, medals and titles do not define us. We take pride not only in our students’ successes but also the hard work and fine attitude which have helped them to get where they are. MCS belongs to all Maryknoll students, for they have been baptized by Maryknoll education and that makes them different. God has planted a seed in every one of students. We should allow it to grow and blossom into a tree that will provide shelter for all.

“Go confidently and humbly. The Lord is with You.”

May God continue to bless and keep our students and our beloved school Maryknoll.

Melaine Lee