Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

In her reflection, Mother Mary Joseph, Foundress of Maryknoll Sisters, mentioned,“There is nothing more astonishing than life ..nothing more miraculous than growth and change and development…”

We are grateful to God for breathing life into MCS so that we are growing, changing, developing with the times and it is my pleasure to share with everyone our students’ achievements, both academically and in the extra-curricular field, as they grow up in this caring Maryknoll family.

Our school has maintained a very high percentage of students admitted to degree programmes locally and overseas. Our students’ consistently high achievements is testimony of the effort put in by the students themselves, the teachers who have inspired and guided them, and the parents who have sacrificed immensely to support them.

Beyond academic results, MCS is about developing students as whole persons. Character building, leadership training and realizing one’s potentials are just as important to us. The school has done outstandingly in many areas. In terms of language, we have won a number of prizes in inter-school debates, writing competitions and speech festivals. In performing arts, both our Chinese and Western Orchestra have obtained top prizes in various territory-wide music competitions. In May, they had a chance to perform, with celebrated musicians at a Le French May concert in our school hall. Our dance teams and drama groups demonstrated their talents and excellent team work on various occasions, too. In an international art event, one F.3 student got the top prize, among young artists from all over the world, at the young age of 14. Let’s not forget our achievements in sports. In the past year, our athletes have been given a boost by our former students, whose financial and moral support have become a motivating force for the athletes to further excel. New scholarships have been offered to outstanding sports girls from each form.

Broadening students’ horizons is very much a focus. We facilitated students’ participation in events that enhance their global awareness.Some were given the opportunities to share their views on world issues, like taking part in the Model United Nation activities. Some leave Hong Kong to experience different cultures. Two groups, one in April and another in June, went to Taiwan to gain better understanding of the local culture, their art, their education and environmental conservation initiatives. Another group went to Poland in mid-July for World Youth Day events.

In the years to come, students at MCS will definitely be provided with a wide range of opportunities to develop themselves beyond the classrooms, to break new grounds to learn, to take on challenges of the 21st Century, to serve home, country and the world.

I hope our students will never lose their passion in striving for excellence, in realizing their own potentials and in serving others.

We implore the Holy Spirit who keeps us growing, changing, developing to “enkindle in you the fire of God’s love”.

Melaine Lee