Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

Sola Nobiltas Virtus, our school-motto, has been quoted in an article written by an alumnus of a neighboring boys’ school. In his article, not only does he show his admiration for MCS girls, but he also expresses his appreciation of our school- motto and how MCS has taught our students to aim for true nobility. We teach our students not to chase after earthly wealth and power, but to pursue heavenly glory and noble values. This idea should not be alien to our students and I sincerely hope that they will remember what they have learnt in their alma mater when they are engulfed by contradicting worldly values after leaving MCS. Guided by our school motto, vision and mission, the school strives to equip our students to face the world. We help our students by encouraging them to pursue excellence and realize their potentials to the full. Our students' consistently high achievements on different fronts and their constant involvement in a wide variety of activities can testify to this.

In the area of language, we have won a number of prizes in inter-school debates and for two consecutive years, were the champion in the Grand Final of the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competitions. Our students continue to be outstanding young writers, in both Chinese and English. One of our F2 girls beat thousands of students in not only Hong Kong, but also the Mainland, and became one of the top twenty stars in Chinese Literature in a countrywide competition involving secondary schools students from over 200 schools. Budding poets and story writers among our students have also met with similar success in a range of English writing competitions.

In the area of the performing arts, both our Chinese and Western Orchestras have obtained outstanding results in various territory-wide music competitions. Our annual school concert, held in early May 2017, was a huge success. Our teacher singers and musicians joined our students in making the Summer Nocturne a warm and melodious evening. In August, our school Chinese Orchestra celebrated its 20th anniversary. Our dance teams and drama and video-making groups demonstrated their talent, effort, creativity and excellent team work on various occasions. In the area of sports, our young athletes seized every opportunity to excel and our team came third in 4x100 relay in the Inter-school Athletics Meet despite the keen competition.

And as for other areas, a few of our F.5 girls demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills and swept up several prizes in the Junior Achievement Company Competition. They set up a company which became the IA Company of the Year with the head of the company becoming CEO of the Year.

STEM education is a buzz word these days. We are happy to leave young scientists whose research and presentation skills led to their being awarded top prizes in science competitions.

Serving home, country and the world is our primary concern. One of our F.5 girl guides was given the Grantham Uniformed Youth Outstanding Service Award in recognition of her spirit of selfless sacrifice to serve others.

I would like to thank our PTA members for being such wonderful role models for our girls, especially in terms of their spirit of service. Some of our parents have become long-term volunteers and partners of a neighbouring special school catering for students who need much tender loving care. I take my hat off to those selfless parents who take turns to go there five day a week to lend a helping hand. Our PTA members also come back to school to help out at our school library and organize other functions.

With the support of our former students, we are building 21st Century Classrooms, equipped with the latest e-Learning tools as well-as furniture that will facilitate the acquisition of 21st Century learning stills. Our music rooms and classrooms will also be equipped with upgraded facilities ready to enhance our learning and teaching in the new academic year. Those who love cooking certainly be dazzled by our new cookery room when it is completed. All these improvements have been made possible thanks to the generosity of our former students, who have not forgotten their alma mater which nurtured them in their formative years.

I hope our students will learn from their teachers, parents and predecessors. They have demonstrated how our school motto has guided them. Sola Nobilitas Virtus. Virtue Alone Ennobles.

Melaine Lee