Teaching and Supporting Staff (2017-2018)
Supervisor, Principal, Vice Principals and the 4 teams
Supervisor  :      Dr Maria Lee
Principal   :        Ms Melaine Lee
Vice Principals : Ms Cynthia Ho, Mr Herbert Ma

Curriculum and Academic Affairs (CAA) Team :
Ms Stephanie Tshu (Careers & Life Planning)
Mr Herbert Ma (Formal Curriculum)
Ms Anna Chiu (Informal Curriculum)
Mr Simon Chan (Timetabling, Assessment & Analysis)
Mr Ivan Lam (Teaching & Learning)

General Resources Management (GRM) Team:
Ms Miranda Chak (General)
Ms Yip Mei Fong (Curriculum)
Ms Helen Chan (Furniture & Equipment)
Ms Winnie Fung (School Programmes and Activities)
Ms Cynthia Ho (Personnel)

Student Support & Pastoral Care (SSPC) Team:
Mrs Margaret Chan (Programmes and Homeroom Teachers)
Ms Patricia Kwong (Counselling)
Mrs Grace Ho (Character Building)
Ms Anna Chiu (Special Education Needs & Gifted Education)
Ms Stephanie Tshu (Careers)
Ms Minnie Loh (Extra-Curricular Activities)

School Development Team:
Ms Cynthia Ho & Mr Herbert Ma (Staff & Student Admission)
Ms Eileen Shum (English)
Ms Carol Ma (Putonghua)
Ms Jocelyn de Castro (Religious)
Mr Yan Kwong Yuen (General)