Message from the Supervisor

Message from the Supervisor

Dear Maryknollers,

Birds make great sky-circles
Of their freedom
How do they learn it?
They fall, and falling, they're given wings.

In the 85th year of MCS, I would like to introduce you to a Persian mystical poet and seeker of truth and love, Rumi. He is claimed by Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan and read by easterners and westerners. Every religion, every society, every country has people who are mystics. Mystics attempt to practice and gain knowledge of real truth and union with God. They are specially gifted and we can learn from them.

In school, how do we handle a failing mark? Do we hide the paper? Do we feel ashamed? Disappointed after many hours of study? How would Rumi look at the failing grades? He suggests that a bird learning to fly teaches us life's lessons. Can we recognize a failure as an opportunity? Are we, who fail, like the bird falling missing an opportunity to go deeper within ourselves? How do I study? How much time do I really give to study, not counting exams? Failure, like teh bird failling, does not destroy us unless we are reluctant to try again and to try differently. Will your failure give you wings to do better the next time?

Sister Jeanne Houlihan