SA Week x Green Fair (29 Apr – 7 May)

SA Week x Green Fair (29 Apr – 7 May)


The annual Social Awareness Week (SA Week) took place from 29 April to 7 May. This year, the Student Association (SA) and the Green Team had their first-ever collaboration and co-organised the ‘SA Week x Green Fair’.

It began with F.1 and F.2 class visits by Students Environmental Protection Ambassadors as a prelude on 22 April, the Earth Day. By sharing with the junior students the impact of microplastics on marine ecosystems, and the policy on the regulation of disposable plastics tableware, they aim at increasing the ‘plastic-free’ awareness of students and promote the banning of single-use plastics.

On 29 April, the SA prepared a video presentation around the theme of waste reduction and introduced the concept of ‘shop naked’. It aims to encourage our students to modify their shopping habits and become more environmentally-friendly in consumption.

On 30 April, we had the honour to have invited Mr Wong Kam Sing, former Secretary for the Environment, to share with our students on various environmental issues, including the importance of reducing plastic waste and promoting a low carbon life, and the concept of reusing and recycling. Before the talk, Mr Wong also met with the representatives of the Green Team and the SA, sharing his views on the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme, discussing both its limitations and benefits.

From 30 April to 7 May, an upcycling workshop was conducted, and game stalls were set up during lunchtime to promote the creative uses of recycled wood and plastics, adding an element of fun while reinforcing the message of waste reduction.

The SA Week serves as a powerful reminder that by taking small steps together, we can make an impact on reducing waste and fulfil our collective duty towards a sustainable future.