1. Education, teaching and learning for the whole person, is the fundamental purpose for which we occupy Ho Tung Road.

  2. Responsibility for the quality of the educational programme must be shared by students, teachers, and administrators.

  3. Each person has dignity and human worth which demands reverence, respect, and courtesy.

  4. Trust is the foundation for education. It enables us to function more creatively, more maturely, and more efficiently.

  5. Change is invited and encouraged. It is a sign of life. It is necessary for human growth and development. The person or group which brings about change must be responsible for that change and all the effects of it. Change must reflect improvement to be considered progress.

  6. Privileges and responsibilities must be in a state of balance at all times. There must be freedom to do but not freedom without responsibility.

  7. There can be a difference between what a student or a teacher or an administrator desires and the fulfilment of these desires in a given situation.

  8. All staff and students of MCS, regardless of their personal religious affiliation, recognise and respect the Catholic tradition of MCS and the Maryknoll spirit reflected in the Vision and Mission of the School. They agree that as members of the Maryknoll community, their behaviour as staff and students shall reflect an awareness of and respect for Catholic Christian teachings and values. This includes attending religious events or participating in religious activities organised by the School such as school Masses/prayer services and maintaining a respectful presence at such activities.