Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular Activities

Our school provides a wide range of activity options to cater to diverse students’ interests and to shape our girls into well-rounded individuals.

Student Association

The Student Association is dedicated to fostering a sense of inclusivity, collaboration, and cultural exchange to create a harmonious and supportive community where every student’s voice is heard and valued. We aim to broaden students’ horizons and provide opportunities for them to showcase their talents through a vast array of thoughtfully curated events, including joint-school leadership training programmes, local exchange programmes, Maryknoll’s Got Talent, and the annual funfair.


The four Houses, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, and Topaz, embody our vision of students shining like gemstones. Inter-house events, such as the Cheering Competition, Dodgeball Competition, Cookery Contest, and Talent Quest, allow students across different forms to develop a strong bond. This connection cultivates a spirit of mentorship, support, and shared experiences, creating vibrant and close-knit House communities.

Clubs and Teams

To enrich students’ experience, we have a multitude of clubs and teams spanning six distinct categories: academic groups, interest groups, performing arts groups, religious groups, sports teams, and service groups, where students take the initiative to organise and lead activities for their peers. These clubs and teams not only allow our girls to explore and develop their interests, but also serve as fertile ground for cultivating student leaders.