Green Education

Green Education and Initiatives

Our school is dedicated to fostering green stewardship and empowering our students to become environmental protection ambassadors. Our commitment to environmental education goes hand in hand with our mission to create a sustainable future for all.


Student-led Stewardship

At Maryknoll, we believe that every student has the potential to make a positive impact on the environment. Our student ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting sustainable practices within our school community and spearheading environmental initiatives. Through their leadership and dedication, they inspire their peers to, too, live a green life.


Green Curriculum

We understand the importance of integrating green awareness into our curriculum. In subjects such as Geography, Biology, and Junior Secondary Science, we have incorporated modules that focus on issues related to natural resources conservation, climate change, and biodiversity. These lessons not only provide valuable knowledge but also empower our students to become advocates for environmental conservation.


Sustainable Campus

We are also committed to building a sustainable campus. We have replaced traditional water taps with water-saving fixtures, upgraded air conditioning systems to more energy-efficient models, implemented modern lighting solutions that utilise energy-saving technologies, and installed solar panels on our school rooftops.