Character Education

Character Education

The Character Education Committee aims to nurture our students to be loving, respectful, and responsible persons with integrity and moral values through the whole-school approach. We believe that guidance creates a stronger impact on our students than punishment. 

Character Education Activities

Whole-school, form-based, and class-based educational programmes are arranged throughout the year to meet developmental needs of students at different stages and prepare them to face challenges in their daily life. Themes of the educational programmes include peer relationships, habit formation, intellectual property, and drug education. Reflection sessions and individual meetings with teachers are arranged for students who have breached school rules. The students are properly guided to reflect on their behaviour, attitudes, and values by teachers.

Prefect Board

The Prefect Board aims to nurture students into caring and responsible leaders who can think and act independently. Prefects are trained to develop various skills, such as problem solving, communication, and mediation. They set positive examples for their peers as role models. Class prefects help each class develop character through their daily interactions with the students and regular class visits. The Prefect Board acts as a bridge between the school and students by reflecting students’ needs to the teachers while clarifying the school’s expectations to the students.