Poetry Remake Competition 2023/24

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Poetry Remake Competition 2023/24


Congratulations to the following students who achieved excellent results in the Poetry Remake Competition, a cross-curricular activity jointly organised by the English Language Education Section and Arts Education Section of the Curriculum Development Institute, EDB. For the competition, the students produced two-dimensional artworks as creative responses to a selection of English poems written by poets in Hong Kong. Their artworks were on display as part of the Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work 2023/24 at the City Hall from 6-15 June.

Junior Secondary Division - Outstanding Award:
3B Sardius Lau

Junior Secondary Division - Commendable Awards:
2B Claudia Woo
2C Lea Woo

Senior Secondary Division - Outstanding Awards:
4D Sharon Choi
4D Iris Wong
5C Lana Yau

Senior Secondary Division - Commendable Award:
5A Gigi Lam